Skirts & Perks

01 Mar , 2019

Some of us have jobs we love and some of us have Jobs we hate. Some of us have jobs we don’t realise are good or even appreciate. Some of us need a pick-up, some of us need a reminder, and some of us just need a good blog to feel a bit finer. Poetry aside whether you are an escort working professionally in the industry or an aspiring escort looking to get into one of the most lucrative industries in the world, you will enjoy reading about some of the perks of escorting we have collated. So without further ado let’s get into some of the brilliant benefits to this already incredible profession starting with:

Fancy Hotels

Isn’t it wonderful to have a room fully decorated with fresh sheets, towels, soaps, and everything else you need to just relax and enjoy yourself with a regular turndown service? Fancy hotels are part of escorting, whether you’re meeting a client in a room he’s booked or you’re operating out of a hotel room for clients to meet you, fancy hotels are a great luxury perk of the job. Many bookings are arranged at hotels, and where else do elite escorts belong except amongst the highest threat count? Manchester has some fantastic five-star hotels and many of the hotels in Manchester are modern and well renowned for their classic designs and brilliant service.


Money may not or may be your main incentive for why you work as an escort, but there’s no denying that successful escorts are earning a lucrative wage worth working for. Most jobs pay workers for a standard 9-5 and the average minimum wage is around £7.50 an hour. Escorting is significantly higher charging north of £150 an hour. With this massive increase in wage, money may not be the best part of the job for you, but you will definitely bask in the perks.

Meeting New People

Of course with the nature of this job you get to meet many new people and learn about their lives and even become a bit of an expert on multiple subjects. Clients you end up with will come from all walks of lives and many different industries including education, trade, medicine, science and law and since you get to spend time conversation and hearing stories about people’s lives not only are you exposed to a colourful array of stories but a wealth of connections and information about the world.

Sometimes hearing other peoples lives can make us feel good about life in general, learning about the multitude of variety and how people can live such different lives and have different experiences yet share such a similar perspective on the world. The connection that makes us human is enriched through people, and escorting a perfect job to expose yourself to that larger connection.

Fancy Attire

It’s almost a job requirement for escorts to wear the nicest clothes, after all what else would you expect elite women to wear. Many women wish they had enough fancy clothes and lingerie to wear every day or even for someone to wear it for, but as an escort, it’s an incredibly sexy and fun duty. Escorts change there lingerie and attire from booking to booking so they get to wear more than one designer outfit a day, which to the rest of us, might feel slightly unfair, but then again, the rest of us aren’t quite as elite or gorgeous. Be playful, sexy, seductive, classy, creative and more, after all, it’s all part of the job.

Pay Day Every Day

As we briefly mentioned before, the potential to make a lot of money escorting is there as the industry is so large and ever-growing the demand for escorts doesn’t slow down or ever go out of season and that can mean regular pay-day. Most jobs work with a fixed pay-day at the end of each month and that’s the only pay-day there is. Due to the nature of escorting and it’s heavy domination of cash payments before each booking means each booking is almost like a pay-day so you don’t need to wait until the end of the month to motivate yourself to work, you’re next payday could be around the corner, and every corner after that.

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