A Punter's Perspective On The Escorting Scene In The Uk

26 Mar , 2019

The escort scene in the United Kingdom ¬†varies from City to City and depends whether you are in a large city or medium sized town, regions also vary greatly. In places like the North East of England there is much less in the way of cultural diversity so Asian and ebony escorts are at a premium and often punters see them as a matter of fascination as they are different to most of the women in the region. Although there are some European escorts in these parts, again nothing near the amount as you would find in more cosmopolitan cities in England. There is a similar situation in Scotland as to the North East and Cumbria. Many of the touring escorts have seized upon this point and the more exotic ones spend time in these parts of the UK where they tend to be more sought after. These escort find that in their home city’s such as Birmingham, Manchester and London they are more common place and do not stand out as much.¬† A similar situation exists in towns and cities that are in more rural parts of the country such as the West Country and East Anglia.

Punters often look for different types of escorts when away from home

People in certain regions tend to have similar characteristics than  the inhabitants of different areas so even if you a British escort in a different part of the country there will be subtle differences and of course in the larger cosmopolitan cities there are many different nationalities as well as those of a mixed heritage. The same applies and possibly even more so to escorts as many of them are quite transient and descend upon the main cities in the United Kingdom from various parts of the world. This dictates that punters who are travelling from the Shires or more regional towns can gain different experiences from escorts elsewhere.

Punters are spoilt for choice in larger cities

Many guys from the regions and smaller towns and cities are now well aware of the choice of escorts in places like London, Birmingham and Manchester as they can surf through the various web pages. It is not unknown for men to plan a weekend away so they can extend their choice of escorts to include the types of escorts that would not be available in their region. These men maybe have fantasies or fetishes for black ladies, Asians, Latinas  or tall sexy blonde Scandinavians

There is no doubt that more diverse  escorting experiences can be had in different parts of the country

Even if you are looking for¬† British escort often gents find that ladies in the larger cities such as England’s capital, second or third city are often more worldly and outgoing knowing how to live life to the full. Obviously the converse can occur if a city gent goes to the provinces life can be seen to be at a slower pace and this can be reflect by the escorts residing and working in these areas. This may result in the service going at a slower more relaxed sensual pace, where time is less important and the pace more leisurely. It would be a fascinating experiment to visit an escort in various regions of the country to get practical experiences so you can determine if there really is a difference. Of course bear in mind that certain nationalities with their different quirks and traditions congregate in some of the larger UK cities and not to be found, in numbers, elsewhere.

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