Manchester High Street Shopping

30 Sep , 2019

Shopping in Manchester

There ¬†is much more to Manchester than the Arndale and areas such as Exchange square and Spinningfields. There is Market street which is still the main shopping street with a diversity of shops. Cross street, Mosley street and of course a wander through the colourful northern quarter as they are all worth a visit. There is also St. Anne’s square which opens up into the exclusive King street south and also leads into Barton arcade a beautifully preserved Victorian arcade. In the summer it is great to have a stroll and find all the interesting gems in the city centre, other than the shopping Malls.

Market street the original shopping street in Manchester.

This used to be known as Market stead lane and was the main A6 road through the city. However, since Market street was pedestrianised, this chunk of A6 is missing. There is now only emergency vehicular access in this pedestrian zone. This is now a safe area to roam, maybe even crisscrossing the street to look at various shop windows as there street is lined with shops, cafe’s , banks and building societies; in fact everything you would expect from a normal High¬† street. On one side of the street there are entry points into the Arndale and some of the larger shops on this side of the road have two main entrances one on Market street and the other into the Arndale. Boots have the same configuration leading into Cross street, another shopping street as does Primark, but there other exit is out onto Mosley street and Piccadilly garden.

The Northern Quarter Manchester

If you have the companionship of a Manchester escort she could show you around the wondrous Northern quarter, the new hip and cool sector with its independent shops, bars and restaurants, you never know what delights you will unearth. One gem you should discover is  Aflecks and that is certainly worth exploring as it is a wonderful emporium spread over a number of floors. There is all sorts of things here like beauty salons, traders selling all sorts of clothes, vinyl records. Certainly a great place to browse of you are looking for fancy dress, fetish wear, Kinky boots. Manchester escorts often find some adventurous role play outfits in here. There are also cafes in case you need refreshing.