Are Blonde Escorts Sought After More Than Red Heads or Brunettes?

30 Mar , 2019

The great debate seems to be never ending and that is are blondes more popular, do they have more allure than any other type of woman. This one will no doubt be argued and debated till the end of time.  The blonde bombshell Hollywood era of Marilyn Munro promoted the theory that blondes have more fun, that general image seems to stick with many men thinking blondes are good time girls, but on the downside they lose their allure outside the bedroom or when a guy wants more than eye candy or trophy girl friend.   This really is just image and perception. I know some men who like to be different and would go with any other type of girl other than conform and prefer blondes. In general I think many men have bought into the theory that blondes are generally more promiscuous and flirtatious liking a good laugh and a romp in the hay. In truth although they may be popular brunettes and redheads have they own sexual magnetism as do raven haired beauties such as Latinas and Hispanic who are perceived as being sultry, passionate and hot blooded. Blonde women in general may not be more popular. However, in the escorting world there is an argument that men are just after fun and nothing else so why not give it a go and test out the theory. At home he may have a brainy brunette or feisty red head, so why not go for the fun option when choosing a bit of no strings attached fun.

Does blonde, brunette or red head really matter when choosing a Manchester escort.

Many guys are attracted by things other than hair colour, though it still may be a minor factor. Blonde is certainly out of the equation if you fancy black girls or Latinas or the many who like the one off idea of seeing an Asian or Chinese lady. For a lot of men  the thought of being with a woman with big boobs or round firm derriere is the overriding and overwhelming factor. Ebony ladies are also very popular as they have the reputation of being feral and orgiastic and whereas some men would never contemplate having a black woman as wife or partner, but think outside of the box when it comes to having an illicit liaison with a naughty sexy young escort.

Men choose their Manchester escorts for numerous reasons

The choice of which delectable young escort to see sometimes does come down to hair colour, but not in the way we may imagine. Seeing an escort is a bit of fun, light relief and escapism. For that reason some gents get a bit experimental or live out a fantasy. Maybe you fancy a modelesque Swedish blonde to see if she is a liberal minded and uninhibited as you thing she will be. Or are black girls as wild as reputed. Russian women also have a reputation to live up to, are they are steamy and adventurous as they are made out to be? In normal social situations Asian girls are usually out of bounds, but in the escorting world having a taste of forbidden fruit may just pique your interest and your curiosity may have to be satisfied. At the end of the day many guys want to fulfil a fantasy by seeing an escort. It may entail seeing either a blonde, brunette or red head, but it is more likely to be with someone that he would not normally be with outside of the fantasy world of escorting.

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