How To Be An Escort’s Favourite Client

01 Mar , 2019

So you’ve found her, the girl that gets your blood racing and who’s face brightens up your day! When you’ve found an escort you want to spend more time, it can be incredibly intoxicating, and some people are known to get carried away but all escort’s look forward to their favourite client booking them.

If you want to take a step back and read these four simple tips you might just become an escort’s preferred client as well;

Regular bookings

This one may sound very obvious but a regular booking at the same time and same place every week or month will make an escort like you a lot more than if your appointments are irregular. When you book regularly, an escort will start to work her schedule around your appointment and will come to think of you as someone she can rely on for regular employment.

Whether it’s an incall or an outcall appointment; regular bookings are one of the ways she makes a consistent income, and thus you’ll become a treasured part of her routine.


Online reviews are one of the ways an escort builds her reputation and gets more clients, sadly many people only choose to write reviews when they are angry with a companion or have some vendetta they want to get out.

Writing a heartfelt review of her, her services and her personality will boost her bookings and help her expand her business. She’ll be very appreciative you actually took the time out to write something positive because sadly very few people do these days.


You’re never expected to give an escort a gift, but a token of your affection can be very touching. Even if it’s something small, it means you took time out of your day to do something for her.

If you know she’s partial to a particular designer then perfume from that brand is always an excellent gift or a pair of beautiful earrings always goes over well, again it just shows a level of care that other clients probably don’t give her. If you’re mainly stuck for a gift, then a cash tip will work so she can buy something she wants for herself.

A favourite client will be someone who’s open with her if you have a particular fantasy or secret desire trusting her with it will make her like you a little more. Manchester Escorts get paid to show you a good time, so if you trust her with something you want to try, then she’ll probably go the extra mile to make it happen.

Openness and honesty are the keys to any good relationship, and this includes the client/companion relationship, and it means you’ll get even more out of your booking. These are just some points that can turn you from just an ordinary client into an escort’s favourite client if there’s an escort you enjoy spending time with showing her a little appreciation can make your time together even more electrifying.