China Town And The Gay Village Manchester

23 Jul , 2019

Great places to visit

These 2 areas are different in many way, but they are both colourful interesting places to go with an abundance of colour. Both of¬† these areas are worth a visit and by some people’s calculations their borders actually touch and you could inadvertently roam from one to the other. This is one reason that if you fancy seeing both it is worth doing them the same day, one after the other.

China Town

China town is near both Piccadilly gardens and the Village and is the second largest Chinese enclave in the United Kingdom and ranking as the third in the whole of Europe and it is a celebration to Chinese culture. There are shops with Chinese goods, some market stalls and Chinese herbalists as well as the infamous massage parlours. You will find some supermarkets if you want to cook your own authentic Oriental cuisine at home. Of course you would not have China town without having a plethora or restaurants to choose from. However, in this area of Manchester there is a selection of Oriental and other cuisine from the far east such as Japanese, Thai, Korean   and Vietnamese. There is certainly a variety of flavours to choose from. The busiest, but certainly the best time here is the Chinese New Year celebrations that are centred on the Chinese arch on Faulkner Street. There are fireworks  a carnival and dragon procession.

Canal street and the Village

This can often be a flamboyant and eccentric part of the city with a lot of amazing characters. Visiting here at anytime can be an experience you will remember, but summertime along Canal street is sometimes special. There are some great bars and cafes to visit, many a unique and a little queer with a few eccentricities like the Alice in Wonderland themed tea rooms. Nightlife at the weekends here are banging and great fun with many clubs having 5 am licences. This is an area that many ladies feel safer as there is less likelihood of them being hassled. That general rule also applies to Manchester escorts as many of them like to party in this neighbourhood. During gay pride, usually in August this area is so vibrant but extremely busy as it tends to get an international following as well as from all over Britain.

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