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About Me

When clients seek out the best escorts in Manchester they naturally gravitate to this website, its very name says it all. That is also why when I decided that escorting was the career move for me, I chose to be featured by them. So, we are of the same mindset- you and I, we want to be part of the best.

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself now that you have felt compelled to go beyond the images and look deeper into what I will offer. Highly educated, well travelled, I had a career in one of the professions for a short while. But a whole part of me was not satisfied, I understood my own make up sufficiently to realise that I was wholly sensual, I craved male company, variety and diversity, a regular relationship was never enough. I am not a one man kind of girl, I want to investigate how different you all are and learn new ways of achieving sexual excitement from each of you. I wanted to explore that side of my persona and give it free rein to express my own personal desires whilst answering others. I am an elite escort by destiny.

When we meet you will be invited to luxuriate in my sensuality in all the ways that it desires to be taken and enjoyed. Take your pleasure in my compliance knowing that we are making this journey towards satisfaction in a purely mutual sense. You will revel in the rarity of the frankness in how I express my love of being with you, my suggestions on how to even further our connection to reap the greatest rewards of pleasure and gratification. You have been looking for an escort that is genuinely responsive? You have found her!

The excitement and pleasures that we take in each other will be rapturous, every part of my body will bring you delight. My perfectly peach shaped derriere which draws your hands to hold its elegantly proportioned curves, or my pert breasts, which are so very cuppable! In fact, all of me is what you will desire,finding me irresistibly beddable from top to toe, and I will be saying “Yes”! You and I will be going to that ultimately happy place where touch, sensation, responsiveness can only lead to one conclusion. The consummation of the happiest of endings to a close encounter of this kind.

My personal services are flexible, because you are I are creating our own storyline, so only you and I are writing the script. If you want me to be the heavenly girlfriend who gives you the romance and the luxury of her undivided attention, I will be that thing! If you want to discover the edginess of a role play date where we both take on another role, a fantastical scenario, then tell me your plans. I also cater for certain fetishes and will comply with your desires, allow you to worship my body, even only my feet, I can dress to thrill your love of straps, buckles, ties and leather. Or I can be your dinner date ready to mix in society at a restaurant where I will amuse you by my extensive knowledge of the wine list, or let’s do a day at the races!!

Have I tempted your sexy tastebuds? Now that you know about me there is only one way to go I hope, and that is to call and ask for me by name – just say Alexa!


Recommended by the agency, they didn’t mention she was new. She told me when we were relaxing afterwards and indulging in a few last cuddles and a little pillow talk. She is confident with no sign of nerves for a new girl, in fact she was relaxed and has genuine skills. Wished I had booked for longer as I feel she has a lot more to share than we had time for. She is a definite repeat booking for me! 5*

By Charles on 30/05/2024

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