Shopping Deansgate and Spinningfields

30 Oct , 2019

Spinningfields development

Spinningfields is the new commercial, residential, entertainment, swanky chic and exclusionary retail area just off the exclusive Deansgate the busy street passing through the heart of the city centre. This redeveloped areas is one of the richest in the city and supports some of the elitist and swankiest shops and restaurants outside of the most select parts of London with some calling it the Knightsbridge or the North and due to its commercial make up others compare it to Canary wharf, no matter what comparison you make it is quite impressive. Certainly as shopping goes it has many select independent shops as well as highly regarded designer labels of distinction. One of the most celebrated names being Emporio Armani a store that some describe as sartorial heaven with sharp sophisticated youthful designs for contemporary living. Others represented in this designer paradise is Flannels, Mulberry and Philip Stoner the exclusive jeweller and bespoke diamond specialist.

 Spinningfields runs off and merges into Deansgate

Until the development of Spinningfields and the new Exchange square about the most exclusive shopping street was Deansgate. As far as shopping goes it is still an important street for elite shopping and has Kendal’s department store which is at the high end of the House of Fraser chain and has many top brand franchises. If you walk up the street from Spinningfields towards the Arndale you come across household names such as the Futon Company, independents like menswear specialists Limited Manchester. There are a couple of cycling specialists and sport shops.

The perfect place to enjoy a stroll with a Manchester escort

Indoor shopping centres are all well and good, especially on a wet or wintery day, but nothing beats a spot of fresh air meandering up down and across a main street of an exclusive retail area either window shopping or treating your companion. Deciding to stop off at a pavement area of one of the many bars, cafes and restaurants of this very continental of streets, hand in hand with a beautiful sexy young lady.