Manchester Cultural Attractions

29 Jul , 2019

Manchester is a city oozing with culture

The city has a lot of heritage and much of that dating from the 19th century has been preserved as the city has a lot of splendid architecture from this period with some extravagant and ornate buildings as well as former textile mills and warehouses that are listed buildings having been converted for more contemporary use as hotels, restaurants and bars. Often many of the internal features have also been saved and restored to give the establishment more character. It is also a city that has culture of a musical nature with bands like the Blue Mondays, Oasis and the Smiths coming out of the city which is also home to the Halle Orchestra. Manchester manages to support the existence of many theatres. art galleries and museums which depict Manchester’s industrial heritage.¬† Of course you can see the evidence of this without even going to a museum as the network of canals running through the city bears testament to it.

Theatres in Manchester

There are too many to mention but two of the main Theatres are the Opera house and Palace Theatre, they put on the biggest most lavish productions, many of them from the West End or Broadway. Those they put on other types of plays, big extravagant musicals seem to be their speciality. There is the contact theatre which specialises in giving young actors their chance to  perform on the big stage. The intimate Royal exchange theatre is in the round and is a cosy setting where the audience can almost feel they are involved in the production. There are many sophisticated and culturally aware elite Manchester escorts that could enhance your night out at the Theatre.

Art Galleries

There are many art galleries, but one stands out and that is the Lowry at Salford Quays as it celebrates the work the local world renowned artist L.S. Lowry. The Lowry centre not only houses the gallery it is also home to the Lowry theatre. Another cultural centre in Manchester that is a combination of theatre and gallery is The Home. The perfect place to take an elite escort in Manchester, It has a purpose built exhibition space to display art in it various forms which is strategically placed between the two theatres and the multi screen cinema. The complex also has book shop restaurant and bar and is ideal for a night out full of culture.

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