Intu Trafford Centre The Best By Design

21 Jan , 2020

There is nothing about the Trafford centre in Manchester which was not carefully though. Even after meticulous planning it nearly all fell through over concerns regarding traffic congestion and the detrimental impact it may have on local high streets. After a couple of agonising years for the developers it finally got the green light from the House of Lords. This place is worth a visit for the sheer extravagance of the building with its marble malls and domed Baroque architecture with much of the roof being glass  making it light and airy, giving a greater illusion of spaciousness.

It is an exciting shopping concept at Trafford centre

When it was completed in 1998 there was nothing like it Architecturally and probably still isn’t. Over twenty years later the centre is still evolving and expending. The owners are not standing still and are making it as an exciting concept as it was when first built. Right from the beginning sites were sought after and the first Selfridges outside of London took up residence in the Trafford centre, strangely enough Marks and Spencer declined, but snapped up a site that became vacant at a later date after realising their miscalculation. The centre really is designer label paradise, what is not represented in the guise of a dedicated retail outlet it is probably covered by a franchised floor space in one of the three big department stores. This place is designer heaven for the chic and trendy ladies who frequent the centre. Elite Manchester escorts have no excuse for not looking anything short of models or film stars as they have an infinite choice of designer apparel. Improvements are being made all the time with Barton Square getting a revamp in the shape of an extension and new domed roof. The Great hall has been redeveloped and now is populated by a whole host of restaurants.¬†