Why are Big Breasted Escorts So Popular?

07 Oct , 2022

Ok, so we know it’s a fact that busty girls are the top pick for so many men but why!? It seems that it is instinctive, etched into the brains of the male of the species since time began. All to do with procreation originally, but that’s the last thing on most guys’ minds here and now, because evolution has brought it all down to pleasure! Those full, round breasts just beg to be given attention and that is what they get. They are of course a sexual symbol and when gents are considering dating one of the escorts in Manchester it is perfectly understandable that is what is in their thoughts. A girl with big breasts is often found to be very confident in her appearance and her appeal and that in itself is a total turn on! She senses a man’s desire as he looks longingly at those succulent globes and she responds to it. Maybe this is why so many clients of these Manchester escorts find a busty escort so irresistible and they say that she is sexier by far than a smaller breasted girl.

What makes boobs even more appealing?

Lingerie that adds even more to the effect is another boost to desire! Those seemingly fragile scraps of lace and silk that hold up these wonders against the laws of gravity also give more reasons for closer inspection. The variety of lingerie is designed to inspire. The balconette bra which perches her breasts enticingly in front of you, or the laces and ribbons on the bustier, containing her figure almost against its will so that her breasts billow out of the top! These tasty escorts know how to maximise their appeal and love to go shopping for the kind of bras that match their saucy G-strings and suspender sets. You won’t know which part of her anatomy gets you going the most!

Does this agency have super busty escorts?

Whilst there is no universal preference, the very fact that men love big boobs makes them highly sought after as escorts in Manchester and this agency is always delighted to recruit girls as new escorts when they have awe inspiring stats! Some guys even find those big breasts the chief object of their attentions, they bury their faces in their soft pillowy mass, kiss, suck and fondle to their heart’s content. But big or small, natural endowed or enhanced, what men really like on top of their personal preferences are girls that like them and that is one thing that you can be sure of when you date one of these legendary escorts. All the girls on this site love their male company and whichever part of their bodies is your special trigger, you can be sure that they will have what it takes when it comes to spoiling you within an inch of your life!!!