What you should know before booking an escort?

11 Jun , 2024

First, thank you for taking a few moments to read this blog. Some of you who are old hands on the escort scene may think there is nothing left that they need to know, but others may be new to this escorting world and are struggling with a dozen questions about what should and possibly should not, be done! But even if you have been meeting adult entertainers for years, it is sometimes good to refresh your ideas and not take these lovely young girls who bring so much pleasure into your life, for granted. So, newbies or connoisseurs, let us look at what you should know before you call to book one of these delectable agency escorts.

Blonde woman

Escort ratings and client ratings!!!

We all look at reviews. Whether it is a product that we are thinking of purchasing, a new car perhaps, or if you are considering spending your well-deserved time for some R & R with an escort for a few hours or even longer, where personal pleasure is on the menu. You can browse the escort review page and get a clear idea of the services she offers, her attitude towards her clients, whether she is a real no-rush escort with your enjoyment as her priority and even the extra services she offers. Is she a regular 10* escort or not? But what about if the tables were turned and the escorts were leaving a review on their clients!! Of course, it is not about to happen, but just give it a few moments and see if you believe that you would be the 10* client that every girl dreams of. It’s nice to be nice after all!

The lady you meet is a beautiful human being

Showing respect to your escort is such an important factor. When it comes down to giving you the best, she will treat you like a king, so isn’t it only nice that you treat her like the precious jewel that she is? After all, she is sharing, giving, receiving, and treating you to the sensual experiences you crave. By the way, treating her warmly like the willing companion that she is, will reward you in every way with her responses, passionate intensity, and TLC! You may be paying for the introduction to meet her and the time you spend together, but treating her as your partner rather than a purchase is the least you can do especially when this beautiful young woman is giving it her all to take you to 100% satisfaction and back!

Choosing the service that you want with the right escort

This may seem simple at first glance, but if you have requests for escort services that go beyond the straightforward one-to-one escort encounter, then asking for the service you prefer when you call to book is key. These amazingly flexible ladies do offer a range of ways to enjoy their company. But when you are looking for a niche service, a special request, or even something in particular that you want your courtesan to wear, then avoid disappointment and ask for what is on your mind from the get-go. If it is the bondage vibe with buckles, straps, and ties, or the pure white lingerie that gives a bridal look that floats your boat, then let us know! Sexy lingerie is important to many of you guys, make your request, or buy her some as a gift for when she arrives if you have a particular love of leather, PVC, or indeed something feminine and frilly. It is all the little details that these women add to their dates that will spike your interest and satiate your desires.

Giving a gift

While we are on the subject of gifts, who doesn’t love a present?? Your escort does not expect a gift, but of course, she will be excited if you spoil her with one! It is often the regular clients to a favorite lady, where they have built up an escort/client relationship where this happens most. On a longer date, maybe an overnight, a bottle of champagne or Prosecco will always be welcomed! Have it chilled and ready to share when she knocks on your door. A bottle of fizz is a great way to relax together and get to know each other in the first few minutes. As you are embarking on a pay-for-pleasure arrangement, that personal touch will impress her – because she is not expecting it. As we said, as an appropriate pressie, lingerie is something you can both appreciate!!

Paying her straight away gets that done and dusted

She doesn’t want to have to ask if you have not paid by bank transfer, so have the cash ready in an envelope waiting for when she arrives. Many clients prefer to pay by cash as it leaves no paper trail to the payee, much more discreet! The payment being handed over after she comes through the door (and she does need to count the payment so don’t be offended), you can both now get down to the reason you have chosen to be together. Yes! It’s time to enjoy each other’s company!

Personal presentation

Personal hygiene is a turn-on, or shall we say that the opposite is a turn-off!! So just like you expect your lovely girl to be fresh and well-presented when she comes to call, then she would hope you are too. She will be far more excited about some mutual exploration of each other when you smell freshly showered. Remember when you were going on your first date with a girl as a teenager? You were so eager to make an impression, that you bathed or showered, dressed, and then covered yourself in aftershave!!! You have learned over the years that less is more in some cases and shower gel and toothpaste often say all that needs saying! She will be as enthusiastic as you hoped with those DFKs and OWOs when you have yourself ready for her.

Now things are set

With everything in place, you can call and book your time together. You are booking one of these high-class elite escorts for an outcall, so the agency will want to know where and when, how long for, and if you have a special one in mind or are happy to meet who is available tonight. Don’t forget those special requests, so that the best girls available for your interests will be the ones to deliver. Now you can relax and wait for her to arrive! Your sexy princess for the night!