What To Expect From The Girlfriend Experience

13 Feb , 2019

Without a doubt, the most popular services in the escort industry are the Girlfriend Experience, and the clients of Elite Manchester Escorts can’t get enough of it!

The Girlfriend Experience describes the luxury service performed by high-class escorts that are more emotionally satisfying than the traditional escort booking.

The Girlfriend Experience first became known to the mainstream public in 2009 due to the Steven Soderbergh film of the same name starring former adult film star Sasha Grey. Public intrigue endured and the movie was made not a TV series starring actress Riley Keough that is currently on Starz in America.

The Girlfriend Experience usually starts at a restaurant somewhere in the city, escort and client meeting to enjoy some good fine, good wine and good company. This element of the girlfriend experience is incredibly integral to building the anticipation for what comes after, many men like to build up the emotional connection before they become intimate with an escort, and the restaurant is the perfect environment to make that happen. Restaurants like Tattu, Hawksmoor and Umezushi are all popular choices for clients meeting high-class escorts in Manchester.

After dinner, some clients prefer to move onto a cocktail bar, to the theatre or some prefer to go somewhere more private. We have escorts who are happy to host clients in their central Manchester homes while other clients may want a companion to go back to their apartment or hotel room.

From there the Girlfriend Experience becomes far more intimate and affectionate, building off the emotional connection it may involve kissing, cuddling or simply talking for some time afterwards.

Clients regularly choose to book our GFE escorts for more extended periods of time to make sure they achieve the full level of experience our girls can provide.

What goes on after that is between the client and the escort but as Manchester Elite has a plethora of returning clients, so you know you won’t be disappointed.

Blurring the boundaries between romantic and professional relationship the Girlfriend Experience allows clients to find an element of emotional fulfilment from their booking with an escort. Many men prefer the Girlfriend Experience over traditional relationships as they see it’s more suited to their lifestyle or they might not be ready to pursue a girlfriend full-time.

It’s been proven that spending time with a gorgeous and affectionate woman can make men feel more confident, more comfortable speaking with the opposite sex and more secure in other aspects of their life as well.

A Girlfriend Experience can be booked throughout the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas with Manchester Elite Escort Agency whether you choose to spend time with a stunning supermodel-esque brunette or a sweet yet sexy blonde the decision is entirely up to you.

The girlfriend experience is all about finding a level of fulfilment and satisfaction for yourself, unlike any other service in the world GFE escorts cater the entire experience just for you.

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