Top Restaurants In Manchester

01 Mar , 2019

Manchester is one of the UK’s best and busiest cities known for its active daytime and it’s even busier nighttime with a bustling music scene and enough bars and restaurants to please Thor Manchester is the perfect city to book a gorgeous escort and wine and dine. If you’re not sure where to eat and relax in Manchester we’ve come up with a short-list of brilliant restaurants sure to impress both you and your beautiful booking, so without further a due let’s get into some of the fantastic meal spots Manchester has to offer.

The Vermilion

If you’re looking for a classy and elegant restaurant to match the beautiful elegant woman you’ve chosen to accompany you then you may want to try Manchester’s world-famous Vermillion restaurants, and yes, it’s as fancy as it sounds. It’s incredibly modern and sleek furnishing was a 5.2 million pound design which has now become as much a part of the restaurant’s character as the food.

This uber-chic restaurant has three floors and is well sought out after in Manchester thanks to its exclusivity and its reputation for having some of the most creative Asian cuisines. You’re sure to impress your bomb-shell booking at this restaurant which features a cocktail bar, club and function room. The Vermillion serves a variety of Thai, Japanese, Indian sea-food to give you an incredible journey through Asia’s palette.

The Gaucho

If you’re looking for something less exotic and would like to dig your teeth into some lovely Argentinian steak then try Manchester’s Gaucho restaurant which is the Manchester brand of a larger global restaurant chain each offering a standard of quality which never drops regardless of the location.

If you’re looking for an energetic place and somewhere to just have a good time then the Gaucho is definitely one of the best restaurants in Manchester to visit from it’s incredible Argentinian steaks, live music, open kitchen and an all-round ‘buzzing’ energy which has people returning time and time again. Another pride of the Gaucho restaurant is its wine selection which offers rare and fine bottles.

63 degrees

Taking a trip to Paris might seem like a bit of a stretch for most people but you can bring Paris to your gorgeous date and take her to Manchester’s own 63 degrees which aims to bring the spirit and taste of Paris to a beautifully decorated restaurant designed to be intimate and cosy. The perfect restaurant for a fancy date with a gorgeous woman. You can just let the restaurant seduce her senses while digging into some signature poultry cooked at a slow 63 degrees which is also the reason for their name and if you haven’t guessed already this restaurant has a brilliant extensive wine list spanning bottles from all across France.

San Carlo Cicchetti

From Paris to Italy now the San Carlo Cicchetti restaurant in Manchester boasts fresh ingredients and exciting dishes for everyone. This restaurant has beautiful marble interior and a gorgeous modern aesthetic which is perfect for dates. The restaurant focuses on serving customers with multiple small but exquisite dishes which are generally enjoyed with wine or beer.

The pasta made here is authentic and freshly made with the best ingredients sourced directly from Milan as well as a menu that changes with the seasons so if you’ve been here before but not in a while it’s like visiting a completely different restaurant. It’s always changing and fresh menu makes this restaurant as exciting as your gorgeous Manchester escort and dishes like the Aspromonte Mountain dish which is slow cooked goat meat in rich handmade pasta sauce make this restaurant one definitely worth visiting.

So there we have it, a wonderful short-list of great restaurants in Manchester for you and your escort to eat, conversate and intimately relax in.