Top Outfits for Role playing Escort

02 Mar , 2023

Any role play scenario with an Elite Manchester escort is on track to meet with the kinky side of your desire for escort pleasures. The extra edge that adopting another persona for both of you,brings you something to be experienced to be fully understood! Adopting a dominant or a submissive character will tilt the situation one way or another. It’s the way to spice up any escort date.

  • Under arrest – charged with being sexy!

Any figure of authority can be a real turn on for many guys who get that extra frisson from role play. Whether it is the police officer or the traffic warden, the roles can be reversed to suit the preferences of the game on the day by deciding who is the criminal and who is the cop. It’s not just the costume, because all the added extras will decidedly add to the fun. With props such as handcuffs for your raunchy cop you could find yourself straying into the world of tie and tease too, obviously a metal bed head is best for tethering you when under detention. Nothing improves a uniform like some fishnet hold ups –no wonder that this particular fantasy is perfect for misbehaving with a role play escort from Elite!

  • Has she got the bedside manner?

One of the fantasies that holds the test of time! It may have been around for a long time but it is still a popular choice.  You will be in deep trouble if you try this out with a real nurse, so you have better get that outfit ready for your elite escort in Manchester who likes this kind of adult entertainment. Emergency treatments are her speciality, but she may be putting your pulse rate up rather than down! Finding your erogenous zones with her professional touch and her stethoscope can be followed up by an OWO treatment if she thinks resuscitation might be called for. In her stimulating little white uniform she is a cure for a lot of the things that have been troubling you.

  • Homework late again!!??

If you have an eye for the schoolgirls but have no intention of straying into dangerous waters, then get your role play escort in Manchester to dress up as a schoolgirl! As her teacher you will have to decide if she is naughty or nice. Cute with a lollipop, does she know what she is doing as she licks it slowly?Downright wild child?She may need the naughty step or possibly need spanking! Dressed so provocatively with little pleated skirt and knee socks she is a winner every time.

  • Room Service!

No one can actually remember encountering a French maid on their travels, but with the image in mind it is easy to see why this is such a tempting role play scenario. This is classic fantasy! Naturally she is good at turning down the bed, doubly appealing because it shows off her pert behind peeking out from that little black uniform and letting you see those frilly knickers. When she gets tired of dusting, that feather duster can be turned to other uses.

  • A day at the office?

With inappropriate behaviour in the workplace a complete no-no, you are best to bring those Personal Assistant day dreams safely into the realm of the Manchester escort who specialises in role play. The severe suit, the white blouse, the stockings with seams, maybe she is the secretary, or a subordinate hoping for the best result as she is interviewed for promotion. What you will need to know is whether her performance is going to come up to the standards that you demand!?

Don’t take our word for it, role play with a sexy escort is a Manchester escort service that you need to explore.