Things To Do In Manchester

01 Mar , 2019

If you find yourself in Manchester with Escort model you’ll know it’s one of the busiest and most buzzing cities the UK has to offer. Known for its incredibly live ambience and its lively nightlife Manchester is never a city where boredom strikes. Whatever your passion Manchester can accommodate it, which is why it’s worthy of the ‘great’ in its name.

As well as lots of activity and a buzzing atmosphere Manchester also has some of the most beautiful escorts available for you to book so why not take a browse through our catalogue of elite Manchester escorts and find the women of your dreams available for you to book.

After booking your escort you may choose to stay in your hotel and have a relaxing time or you may choose to get out and visit the city and see what Manchester has to offer. If you are feeling a little adventurous and want to explore Manchester with a beautiful escort then we have a few activities in mind you could try or go see with your gorgeous date ensuring you have a quality time soaking in Manchester’s busy culture.

So without further ado let’s get into some of the great things available to do in Manchester, in no particular order starting with:

Ordsal Hall

If you or your gorgeous escort are history lovers or maybe just want to experiences some past lives then Manchester’s Ordsal Hall is perfect. Ordsall Hall is a popular attraction with visitors from all over the UK flocking to this historic house to get one of the most genuine glimpses of the past and to experience some of Tudor living first hand. Ordsall Hall has an incredibly rich history and was first documented as early as 1117 and the house accompanies enough history from that period and onwards.

When visiting Ordsall Hall guests are welcomed to participate and immerse themselves into the experience by wearing genuine traditional Tudor clothing as they get to explore the ancient house and live life as a Tudor in the 1500’s. The food is cooked to Tudor authenticity using Tudor technology and guests are invited to dine in the Tudor ‘Great Hall’ where a meal of the past is served and guests dine just like the people of the 1500’s.

As well as completely immersing yourself in the experience of being a Tudor you can also explore this classicly preserved home and discover a 450-year-old Radclyffe bed where you are treated to the unique tales this bed has seen over the centuries. The entire experience is as close as you’re going to get today to genuine time-travel, just remember what century you’re actually in.

Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

Moving on from the past to something a little more futuristic that both you and your gorgeous escort in Manchester may enjoy exploring is the Museum of Science and Industry also known as MOSI. This museum is dedicated to the impressive advancements and the developments of science and technology specifically to Manchester.

There are regular exhibition shows hosted here for you to marvel at which include exhibitions on old cars, trains, aircraft, power displays, textiles, computing and communication. Manchester has a rich history of development ever since it’s early conception by the Romans.

MOSI is a wonderful place to visit to not only explore some past and brilliantly innovative technology but to also learn more about why Manchester is the great city that it is. The museum’s location is in itself a historic sight with its own fascinating story. MOSI is located on the world’s first railway station (Manchester Liverpool Road) which opened in 1830. This is a great place to visit to see some cool stuff, chat and break the ice before retiring to your hotel suite.

Stan The T-Rex

If the Tudors and technology weren’t impressive enough for you a slightly more childish but incredibly impressive monument to marvel at is the adorably named ‘Stan’ the T-Rex. An incredibly non-threatening name for arguably the most threatening of the dinosaurs. This famous dinosaur has been immortalised and burned into our conscience thanks to Hollywood’s incredibly popular ‘Jurrasic Park ‘series which featured the terrifying T-Rex. Often the butt of many jokes due to its hilariously short arms in contrast to its body, the T-Rex is a marvel for anyone who loves history or not.

Manchester’s pre-historic buddy ‘Stan’ is a 65-million-year-old fossil that stands terrifyingly and proudly on display as the second most completed T-Rex ever found. With his bones wonderfully preserved and put together this 65 million-year-old terror is posed in a running position to help capture his authentic pose.

He could be hunting prey or running from a predator, either way, Stan is no longer dangerous, but terrifyingly beautiful he definitely is. Visit this cool dinosaur to see some genuine history of the earths past, and once you’ve marvelled at one of the scariest looking animals to walk the planet, you can then retire to your room with one of the most beautiful creatures to ever walk the planet.