The Refinery Restaurant Spinningfields Manchester

12 Dec , 2019

This brand already has an enviable reputation for crafted cocktails and tasty innovative food in London. Now the owners Drake & Morgan have created a unique and stunning space in the city’s’ new trendy and exclusive Spinningfields area. They have brought their industrial chic smart dining experience to Manchester. This diner serves food throughout the day with breakfast merging into lunch and then on through to dinner. The spectacle of walking through this lavishly decorated and ornamented space is truly amazing, There are shelves full of ornaments and nice little touches all over the place. There is also an outside terrace for a bit of alfresco, weather permitting.

The food is a gastronomical delight

If the stunning restaurant takes¬† your breath away, then just wait till you sample to cuisine. This is an experience you need to share. If you don’t have a partner, then this is the perfect dinner date restaurant to bring an epicurean Elite Manchester escort, someone who is going to fully enjoy and appreciate the shear gastronomy of the place. The appetisers are divine and the main courses are extravagant with the Sirloin steak coming with the most delicious chunky fries doused in a sweet and sour source.

A place to come on a special occasion

If  you have a birthday or anniversary to celebrate this would be the perfect place to come and sample the tangy cocktails and the superbly cooked and presented cuisine. It is also a cool place to have a drink after work especially if you are a trendy upwardly mobile professional working for one of the commercial enterprises in the area. Maybe you have a favourite elite escort in Manchester you want to treat and pamper. Well this is the place to do it in style.