The Cost of Manchester Escorts versus Dating

24 Sep , 2022

Firstly let us say that the words Elite Manchester Escorts don’t need to put a chill of fear through your wallet! Not only are these select escorts moderately priced on their escort rates, but when you come to add up what’s been spent then you will be surprised to know that you could well have come out on top when you compare it to dating a regular girl!

The traditional route of dating – or?

There are several options out there when you look at the female companion, you spend a lot of time and money buying drinks for a girl that you fancy after meeting her and often her friend in a bar, ditto when you eventually get to meet someone faces to face after the tortuous and long-winded pre-amble of messages etc on a dating website. Or you cut to the chase and book an escort. If you strike lucky with the casual pick up, or indeed with the dating site contact and things progress the cost increases weekly, month on month, as things get “serious”. Maybe you are not even sure that was where you intended to go with it, maybe all you were looking for was a bit of fun! Now it’s gifts and surprises, and counting all the incidentals the cost is ramping up. If she is the one for you, your future long-term partner, then good luck and may you be happy. But if you have just drifted into it, then take a good long look. The financial expectations have changed since she may have politely offered to Go Dutch on the cost of the meal, now as your regular girlfriend you are expected to pay! All the time!! Before long it’s meet the parents and she starts slowing down as you both near a jeweller’s window. DANGER! This is big money!

The alternative

Well let’s be honest there is a lot to be said for staying single. You can date a girl with no strings attached, for a purely casual relationship, when you date an escort. The rules are clear.  If you like the escort especially you can meet her again. Some clients at this respected Manchester escort agency do have a regular escort they like to see again and again. She is there when you are in the mood for some female company, but there are no questions asked about when you will call, or complaints and a moody response when you have failed to do so. Life is so much easier with a professional relationship like this and the costs are now on your side. If you are enjoying the freedom then you can try a different escort type each time you book, a blonde tonight a brunette at the weekend! Finding an escort agency like Elite is now making everything so much simpler. No hassle and more time and money to do the other things that interest you, like football or time with your mates!  It’s a move many are making and finding that they are quids in!