Sometimes Escorts Can Be Arranged As Surprises

04 Nov , 2019

As booking an escort is becoming more accepted some are being hired as surprises for birthdays or other occasions. A guy would much rather book an escort for a friend than admit that he has paid for one for his own pleasure. In certain European countries it has for long been custom or practice to hire an escort, or equivalent as a coming of age gift for a son. This tradition is no longer practiced as rigorously, though it is now more widespread and indeed happens in the United Kingdom on occasions. Birthday celebrations are still probably the most common occurrence of this practice. Often it is an adventurous spouse that arranges a surprise for their partner, often so it can be a threesome. This is certainly a way to ensure that the birthday celebration goes off in a bang and spices up the private life of the couple in question. It is not always a female escort that is engaged for these purposes sometimes it is a male to satisfy a wife or girlfriend’s fantasy.

There are a variety of reasons for engaging an escort as a surprise

It is not just for Birthdays and coming of age events that people consider hiring an escort as a gift . Sometimes it can be a total surprise with the recipient of the gift not realising till after the event as he actually thinks he has successfully picked up a gorgeous lady in a bar or at a club, but it has been arranged by mates. Perhaps this is for a birthday or it is just a pick me up after a relationship breakdown. In our more enlightened society escorts can be hired for occasions that used to be the preserve of strippers or exotic dancers as they sometimes prefer to be called. With divorces on the ascendancy friends sometimes have parties in celebration on the fact and arranging an escort would be an obvious way to honour such an occasion. Bosses sometimes may arrange something for a star employee or staff rewarding a boss or manager, this tends to happen more in the United States of America, but as with most trends it crosses the pond at some point.

Escort agencies cater for hiring escorts for surprise parties or gifts.

Escorts being arranged for the pleasure of others is starting to take off in quite a big way and escort agencies, especially in the larger cities are starting to put packages together for this purpose. Some of the more reputable agencies also offer advice. First of all the person responsible for the organisation should know the recipient very well. They should know his taste in woman as well as any proclivities or fantasies  he may have. Perhaps he has always had a fantasy for a certain type of companion. These events should be planned in advance and if there is no obvious private accommodation an apartment or hotel room needs to be booked for the occasion. Some escort agencies  could supply this as part of the package. In many of these instances payment could be made upfront to the agency with enough time arranged so the lucky guy has enough time to fully enjoy the occasion. Going away for a Birthday weekend is one way of assuring there are less things can go wrong with unforeseen events. Everything is in the planning.