Shoot Your Shot

01 Mar , 2019

There are many ways to sell a service and when it comes to companionship and the escorting industry one of the most lucrative ways is pictures. Clients often book escorts based off of their pictures with other external factors that may be included but much of the time the physical attraction is a driving force in why that particular escort was booked unless the client is looking for something very specific service wise.

As an escort, there are a few ways you can utilize using photographs to sell your service and further expand your clientele. So without further ado let’s get some helpful tips on how to utilize you’re photo’s to get bookings.

The first thing you definitely want to do is get a professional camera or hire a professional photographer. The last thing you want to be doing is uploading mobile phone photographs to promote yourself. Although our smartphones do have good cameras they’re not as good as professional cameras and often mobile photo’s suffered from bad lighting, bad focus and poor composition.

All these bad qualities can also be a direct reason a potential client has no interest in booking you. A professional photo also indicates a level of legitimacy and you can be sure you know exactly what she looks like.

Choosing your poses is another thing you can do to further enhance the quality of your picture. Sure you’ve got a professional photo and your image is very clear and crisp, but a boring set of photos can also be the reason a client doesn’t book you.

Get creative and get yourself into positions you think your client would love to see or put you in. If you cater to your client’s imagination a little there is more of a chance of him booking you. You never know, a pose might be a deciding factor in him booking you.

As well as choosing your photo’s you may want to think about showing your face. Many escorts conceal their true identities, therefore, have a reason as to why they don’t want to show their faces, but if you’re only reason is you’re camera shy you may want to re-think this as studies have shown escorts who show there face have a consistently better click and booking rate then escorts who don’t.

Now that you’re pictures are of great quality and your posing in all the sexy positions you can think off, it’s time to give some thought to your expression. What does your face say about you? Are you sweet and inviting?

Are you seductive and temptingĀ or are you gorgeously intimidating? Your expression may be a deciding factor for some clients as some may book you for your pose or your attire, others may book you simply for your eyes or your smile.

When it comes to your attire you may want to think about range. Show yourself off in lingerie, evening dresses and role-play costumes so no matter what your potential clients have in mind, they can envision you with them.