Role-Slay Part 2

01 Mar , 2019

In our last post, we explored the world of role play, and how you could introduce this into the bedroom to spice things up, and to either ignite a fire between you and your client or to allow him to explore new things that he may not have tried before. Like we said, everyone has various different fantasies and it’s only fair that we’re able to carry these out comfortably and confidently. Bringing a fun element into the bedroom can soften any initial awkwardness, and will show your client that you are willing to try new and exciting things to please him. Always remember, to consult with your client what both of your boundaries are so that you both get the best experience out of experimenting with different fantasies and scenarios.

We gave you 5 role-play ideas that you could try out in the bedroom to keep your client eager to continue booking you, now here’s 5 more:


This would be a fun way to start off your intimacy, and for a bit of foreplay to tease your client, and to give him a sneak peek of what to come. Ask him what his favourite song is, or songs if you’re happy to give him a full show. You don’t have to be the best dancer, just slip on some sexy lingerie, and give him his own personal lap dance. This will help your client to feel spoiled, and almost as though he’s celebrating something, like if he’d go to a strip club. You’ll immediately feel the temperature rising in the room as you remove each item of clothing.


Giving your client a massage is a great way to relax him, and to keep him comfortable so he can let go of any tension in his body. Act the role of a cheeky masseuse who’s hands wander and explore his body a little too much. Dress up in a cute dress and a pair of heels, and use aromatherapy oils to heighten both of yours’ senses, and to get you both in the mood. Set some ambience by lighting some candles or incense to give the illusion that he really is in a spa, and all you want to do is pamper him and make him feel good, and to indeed give him a happy ending.


Reminiscent of the teacher/student dynamic that we explored in our last post, this role-play allows you to be a bit more dominant and hands-on than the teacher/student scenario. You and your client can take it in turns for one of you to be submissive (employee) and the other as the dominator (boss). If you have a client who may be a bit reserved you could take charge and be the boss. Maybe set a scenario of it’s his first day at work under your management and he’s come in late, and you’re not the most forgiving boss. Give him options of what punishment is best suited to him to show off your naughty, domineering and adventurous side, so your client knows who he’s dealing with! Turn him on even more by kitting yourself out in a tight skirt, prop glasses (unless you really do wear them), and a tight blouse to give yourself a mature, sophisticated working-woman look.

Delivery Man

Giving your client some control will help increase his trust in you, he knows you’re willing and that you want to submit to him and pleasure him. Putting the ball in his court and letting him give all the orders will also boost his confidence, and he’ll appreciate that it’s all for him. Have him act the role of a deliveryman, whether it’s a parcel or a pizza, and oops you’ve got no cash on you! You’re dealing with a naughty delivery man on this occasion, and he’s expecting you to pay somehow¬¶

Yoga Instructor

This is a brilliant opportunity for you to show off your body and your assets to your client. Either of you could play the role of a yoga instructor and the student and take it in turns to help stretch out each other’s bodies. You can start as normal with a few stretches, and slowly get closer and closer. You can both explore each other’s bodies and new and different exciting positions. He can show you some of his moves, and you can also show off your moves, as well as teasing him with having him watch you bend yourself into different shapes and positions.

Get as creative as you want, there are no rules with role-playing as long as you both are consenting and comfortable with the scenarios either of you wants to explore. Always remember, have fun!