01 Mar , 2019

It’s good to put the effort in to find ways to spice things up in the bedroom, it shows that you’re attentive to your clients sexual needs and adds more excitement between the both of yours’ dynamic and can add a spark to your clients night, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you! There are many different and sometimes even daring ways that you can kick things up a notch when being intimate, and one of the best and most fun ways to venture out into more adventurous bedroom activities, is through role-playing. People have their own personal fantasies that they’ve wanted to carry out, so being able to explore these in the bedroom together will strengthen the trust between you and your client, and will keep him eager to keep booking you with just how much you’re keen to please him.

Your client or yourself may be first-timers when it comes to trying out naughty role-play games, so it’s important to choose what you’re both comfortable with so no boundaries are over-stepped and you’re both on the same page. As an escort, you should discuss with your client so you’re aware of what his preferences are, and what he wants out of the role-play so you know just how to treat him and how to make his evening mind-blowing. Here, in no particular order, we are going to suggest 5 steamy role-play ideas to light some fire into your intimacy, and spark more romance:

Naughty Housekeeper

This role-play is fun for if your client likes to be teased and likes a bit of cheekiness and fun game playing. Kit yourself out in a sexy maids outfit and a duster to add more authenticity to the role, and pretend to dust around and clean your client’s room, your hotel room, or wherever you are. Be sure to wear some heels too so that your client has his eyes on your legs. Tease your client so he can catch a glimpse of your body, forcing him to fantasize about you. This role gives your client more control, as he’s in charge and gives the orders to his dutiful, obedient housekeeper.

Doctors/Nurse & Patient

One of the more common role-play games for the bedroom, this is especially good for clients who like to be taken care of and nurtured and who perhaps want to be more affectionately intimate. This is also good for if perhaps you have a regular client who you already have a good rapport with, as you already have enough trust there between you for a role as intimate as this. Either of you can take the role as either the hospital nurse/doctor and a patient, and you can take turns taking care of each other. Having props such as stethoscopes makes it more fun, real and allows you to carry out the fantasy of having someone taking extra special care for you. You can take your time as the doctor or nurse examining your patient, and giving them all of the extra close TLC that they need.

Teacher & Student

One fantasy that many people have is that they want to experience a teacher-student type of dynamic. This allows one of you to be the dominating one and one of you to be completely submissive. A fun scenario to try out is the student being stuck in detention with the teacher, and flirtation begins between yourself and your client, or you’re trying to build up extra credit with your teacher in a very different, adult way. If you’re in the role of a student, you can behave as cheeky as you want to tease your client even more. Dress up in a sexy schoolgirl outfit to allow your client to fantasize about what’s underneath.

Traditional Housewife

If your client wants a more personal experience, a role-play that would be best for this type of client is a housewife role, so more like the girlfriend experience if you will. This also gives the client more control and allows you to treat him sweet, and pay all of your attention to him. You can get creative as you want with this role, dress up in a smart dress or even just wait for him at his home, or in your hotel room in his sexy lingerie. With you waiting for him, dressed like this, he knows that you’re ready and willing for him and that you want to please him and make him feel good. A bit like the nurse role, without the professional side of it, you can act the role of a loving wife and shower your client with kisses and affection. This is a more relaxed role-play and is good for clients that you have a strong rapport with. Show them that their repeat business is appreciated and keep them coming back.

Cop & Robber

Your client has been a very naughty boy. Take that opportunity to get geared up in a sexy police officers outfit, and you can take turns of who’s in control. In the role of the police officer, you are completely in control and the role of the robber has to completely submit to you, and your orders. This is good if your speciality is dominating as you can use various props such as handcuffs and cosh’s to turn up the heat. You can handcuff your client to the bed and tease him until he’s pleading to take you.

Hopefully, this trigged off your creativity, and gave you a few ideas or inspiration on how you can explore role-play in the bedroom with your Manchester Escort, to keep you and your client happy and oh so satisfied. Thanks for reading, and have fun!

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