Revolucion De Cuba Manchester

30 Oct , 2019

The Revolucion de Cuba oozes rhythm and vibrancy

This themed bar takes its inspiration from the party island in the Caribbean, where allegedly the modern cocktail was born. During the years of prohibition in America the jet setters of the era just upped sticks and flew over to the decedent island of Cuba, taking many of the best bartenders of the generation with them for debauched weekend of partying. The raw local rum was not always conducive to the pallets of these socialites so they experimented mixing the rum with any locally produced ingredients such as lime , bananas and sugar cane. This is when and where cocktails such as the Mojita and Pina colada was born.

Recreating the Latin and Caribbean spirit of Cuba

As you would expect being a Cuban concept themed bar the rum flows freely as there have a choice of twenty five cocktails with a rum base. There is more to this club than cocktails, but they are an essential part of the club’s spirit as is the Latin music and food that is served up. This is a great place to sample tapas style Cuban cuisine as well as let your hair down and relax. Many of the party escorts in Manchester just love the at atmosphere, the cocktails and love dancing to the rhythm of the Latin beat

Events at the Revolucion de Cuba

They hold Salsa classes so perhaps you can enjoy the club even more after a few basic lessons. There hold a cocktail master class so you can try your hand. Every weekday has a happy hour even from 3pm – 7 pm, great for after work. On a Wednesday you can combine happy hour with their live music session from 5- 8.30. This Venue also annually holds the only Manchester rum festival, which is well worth going to.