Payment are easy when you book escorts here

03 Apr , 2023

A lot of clients worry that their escort appointments will be trackable and don’t want to leave a paper trail where their quality time with one of the Manchester escorts from Elite can be traced. The good news is that when you book escorts from this premium Manchester escorts agency, we offer ways that will ensure the discretion of your escort date because we want to make everything easy for you! Then you can get on and enjoy the time and companionship of your sexy escort and forget about the logistics! Just as intended!!

Making it cash

Paying by cash is the easiest and most untraceable way of all. If your escort is visiting you at home then a little forward planning will have everything in place for her arrival. Have the money ready for her so that you are not wasting precious time, and don’t be offended if she quickly counts it.

Sad to say some people try to cheat their way through life and putting a genuine note at the top and bottom and filling the middle with paper, then popping it all inside an envelope has been tried too many times! When you book an escort in Manchester then you are buying her time and her company, the escort services that you share cannot be got back. Clients who try and steal her sexy company have only themselves to blame if they find themselves banned from escort bookings at the Manchester escorts agencies in Manchester. But we are sure that you will simply want to pay her fee and get down to enjoying everything that she has to share!! Because this is the treat that you have been promising yourself all week.

If cash isn’t your style

These days less and less cash is carried as a matter of course by any of us. Internet banking has come to the rescue for us all and so you can arrange to pay online, directly into your escort’s bank account, it takes less than a minute to do and then you are comfortable that she is in receipt of her money and she is relaxed and ready to mingle. It’s a quick and convenient way of getting past the awkwardness of actually paying in cash if that’s the way you prefer. The escorts are happy to use this method of paying for pleasure with them!

Cash! But you forgot to get any

If you want to pay in cash but in the excitement you forgot to stop at the cash machine, don’t panic! The agency driver that brings you your wonderful Manchester escort will drive you to the nearest cash machine! We have all done it, forgotten the most basic of essentials the money! We understand and can soon help you out. Before long everything is sorted and you are back at your place, or in your hotel room, getting ready for the best hour or two of a sensual escort one to one!!

Let’s get the payment out of the way

The actual transaction is something that both client and escort like to get over smoothly. It is always respectful and polite to offer your escort her fee as soon as she arrives, don’t let her feel the need to ask for it. You both want to relax into the moment and enjoy each other’s company. She is there to share her inimitable escort skills, her delectable body, and her time, you are paying for pleasure and that is what she wants to bring you.