My Life in Prostitution: A 30 Years Old Escort’s Story

16 Feb , 2020

I came to Manchester 10 years ago to pursue my higher studies. Gradually, I realized I am not good at studies as compared to my colleagues. I entered in prostitution 5 years ago and I was being paid for sex. Before that I was an intern barely surviving on the salary paid to me. It happened when another intern suggested me to check some websites online who provide extra income other than your salary. I personally checked some of the Manchester Escorts websites and was shocked to see that they set up the arrangements with some of the wealthy men of the societies. In early of my dates, I was slightly nervous but with time I was excited to see the earnings from this profession. They call it escort industry.

Now, I started earning 20 times more than my normal job in a day. When you find such a huge earning in your new stint who wants to stick with the job which has nothing but just gives you your bread and butter. So, I left my existing job and started to completely focus on this profession. This new job has given me a new height to fly. I have the liberty to select my customers and the location in case I wish to travel. As an outbound escort I mostly choose the location of meeting.

One thing I realized while offering my services as an Escort in Manchester that not all men are starved for sex. In fact, most of them just want a partner to listen to them and sex is just a vehicle to get to that destination. So often these gentlemen take me to dinner, their official parties and even sometime on business trips. They just want a companion who is well educated and talk to them and understand the problems of their lives. Being a modest escort, I always tried to listen to their stories and I always understood their problems of life. I also try to engage themselves while having discussions so that they could find little joy and pleasure.

While my aspiration and financial goal keeps me doing this, I am quite disturbed to think about my emotional health. There is lot of stress that triggers in this profession but unfortunately you couldn’t realize early. But as the time passes you start to think about your personal life – be it your marriage or be it talking about your profession in front of friends and family.

I want to quit this profession as soon as I meet with someone who can understand me as a person. But the more I earn, the more I desire to continue it. I often have sex with guys who don’t pay, and I think I could make some money if I would’ve with my clients. This mindset is creating problem for me. But I know I must deal with it.