Maximising Your Time

01 Mar , 2019

So you’ve done it, you’ve cleared out sometime in your schedule, and you’ve booked the girl you want to meet. Booking an escort is definately an exciting event but if you’ve only got a certain amount of time together, so here are six easy ways to make your time with an escort count really.

Do your research

Have you booked an escort for a specific reason or do you just fancy some company? It’s essential to have an idea in your head of what is going to happen before the booking takes place.

If you have a particular fantasy such as an A-level experience, then make sure that you’ve read up about it and you know how to go about it safely.

Prohibit any disturbances

There’s nothing worse than a knock at the door when you want to spend all your time and attention on the beautiful woman in front of you.

If you’ve arranged for an escort Manchester to meet you at your house, then make sure there isn’t going to be a knock at the door from anyone delivering parcels and doesn’t arrange your booking on a day when the window cleaners are coming. If you’ve booked a hotel, then make sure to hang a do not disturb sign on the door.


When you book an escort, there’s an agreed price for the set amount of time you have together so make sure you have the money on hand to give her at the start of your booking.

You definitely don’t want to waste time going to the cash machine if you’re short £20. Just have the money already prepared in an envelope, and it will make the whole process a lot easier.

Be on time

If you’re meeting an escort at her place then you definitely want to be on time for your appointment, make sure you’ve already worked out your route on google maps and a backup route if there’s heavy traffic.

The woman might have another booking or another engagement after your time together so she might not be able to make the full booking if you’re late.

Clean and Tidy

You maximise your time with an escort if you’re already clean and have good hygiene because otherwise, she may ask you to take a shower if you’re particularly smelly.


Brush your teeth, put on deodorant and possibly change into a fresh shirt if you’ve been working all day, plus you’ll find that the booking goes smoother when you feel more confident about yourself.

Have Everything Prepared

If an escort is visiting you at your home or at your hotel room, then it’s always wise to have condoms and lube within reach.

It is very likely that the escort will have brought supplies with her but it just saves a lot of fumbling around time if they are already out and ready to use. Also if you want to have a drink together make sure that you’ve already got out the bottle and the champagne as well.