Manchester Park Attractions

30 Sep , 2019

Manchester has some amazing parks

If you want a taste of the country whilst not moving out of the city then there is some great expanses of greenery not far from the city centre. There is Alexandra park in Whalley Range providing nice open spaces just south of the city centre. If you want to venture further out of the city, then Dunham Massey near Altrincham has the hall for you to visit as well as a huge deer park for you to wander through. Within Greater Manchester, near Stockport is Bramhall park and hall, which is a Tudor mansion. Nearer the city centre you have Heaton park and Chorlton nature reserve and Chorlton water park.

Chorlton Nature reserve and water park

The nature reserve is a 58 hectacre area  set aside as a site of biological importance with a balanced mixture of woodland and meadow areas and is a brilliant place to walk in whilst observing and appreciating nature and the eco system at work. The Neighbouring water park is a nature reserve that allows licenced fishing. Its existence was brought about because gravel was excavated at this site for the construction of the nearby M60. The  ensuing big hole was then flooded forming the lake which is now the central part of the water park.

Heaton Park

Heaton hall is a former stately home which is now owned by Manchester City council. The house is occasionally opened to the public with guided tours, but it is the grounds that are utilised to the full extent to give the city dwellers a retreat. Even back in 1903 the park was used by the public when tram lines were laid from the city centre to bring the people to the park to enjoy their precious leisure time. There are trams and lines still at the park as a functioning museum piece. There are many events help at the park and again for this summer the beach is coming back to the park, with sand and deck chairs. There is maybe no sea, but at least there is the boating lake for frolicking about on the water. You could enjoy all these frivolities with a fun loving Elite Manchester escort.