Manchester Club Lola Lo

17 Sep , 2019

Lola Lo Polynesian themed bar and club

This venue could be described as a Tiki bar and by definition that is exactly what it is, an exotic themed cocktail bar representing a touch of paradise in Manchester. It has been said that it is a Tiki tavern where wild parties reign supreme and that is very much down to the management who create a superb atmosphere. It is a three tiered building and one of the excellent clubs at Deansgate locks, the beauty of this area is you can move from one venue along to the next. Maybe use the restaurant and bar in one of the clubs belonging to next door. However, after saying that once you are in Lola Lo’s you are likely to want to stay and soak of the atmosphere as well as the free flowing alcoholic beverages.

This place is really exotic and Manchester’s paradise bar

If you can get onto the highly sought after terrace then it is a lovely atmosphere. If you have  party booked , it is certainly worth requesting this space in the summer months. Those who have not been in Manchester for a while may remember this location as the Pitcher and Piano  and acquiring that space has meant the this is the first of the Lola Lo brand that has been able to offer a Polynesian dining experience to go along with their undoubted expertise in dispensing exotic exciting cocktails with a Pacific islands flavour as the two most certainly complement each other.

A venue an elite Manchester escort will love.

Party girls in general love the atmosphere created here and of course a party escort in Manchester in no exception and she is just the ingredient that could turn your night into something that is wildly exciting. The club boasts 2 DJ booths and a good sided dance floor that comes alive, especially later on over the weekend. They do hold special events and parties during the week including student nights where a vibrant party atmosphere is guarenteed.

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