L I V Premier Club Venue In Manchester

09 Sep , 2019

This is a classy night spot next door to the equally famous and celebrated Albert hall. It is not just a swish night club for revellers and partying as on the ground floor it has a fabulous restaurant and terrace bar, so if you are having a drink, meal and then a night club experience all under one roof. The cuisine is Pan РAsian and is of the highest quality, so is the selection of Champagnes available, both upstairs and down in the club. There is a guest list which you can get onto, but judging by some reviews, even that does not guarantee entry to  club as entry is very selective. One would guess the earlier the better and even then single gents not deemed suitable may struggle. Having a glamorous elite Manchester escort adorning your arm may do the trick, especially if you have wined and dined on the ground floor first.

The club is phenomenal

This is no disputing the club is the place to go especially on a Friday and Saturday night when it is throbbing. The interior of the night club is plush and lavish, with no expense spared, that goes for the quality of the sound in this acoustically designed space. It is no wonder premiership footballers have been spotted winding down after a Saturday game. Such celebrities are most likely to be spotted in the private booths that edge the periphery of the dance floor. The club is quite small and intimate, but that guarantees its exclusiveness as does its slick, stylish plushness. The LED lights above the dance floor helps energise the atmosphere. If you are accompanied by a gorgeous young party escort in Manchester we are sure she will be eternally grateful for the experience and show you her appreciation.

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