How Lockdown Has Impacted Shopping Malls & Galleries?

16 Jul , 2020

The city of Manchester once was a go-to destination and a fashion hub with its high-end stores and gigantic shopping malls until all of it disappeared from this city due to the pandemic COVID-19 situation. Tourists who used to come here was quite fascinated with the attractive stores and lavish galleries. A lot of tourists visit Manchester with their female companions and who couldnā€™t has had this privilege to hire one as their dating partner. These wonderful and attractive ladies known as Escorts Manchester was good enough to create that erotic and sexual environment for the customers. However, after lock down the malls and galleries are almost empty with a hope to get back the happening life once again.

While shopping at huge malls, the customers once got their retail therapy under the sky-high and glass covered building of this city. Watching the architecture of the malls which almost housed small shops is being a pleasure to eyes. None of the shops look boring. Once known for their innovative and cultural design, these shops have lost their identity to urban development.

There used to be huge crowd back then, but now empty street can be seen all over the Manchester. The entire United Kingdom has been hit hard by the lock down and so is Manchester. All retail business along with other businesses are shut down and will remain closed for all the red zone areas.

Looking at the history of some vanished shopping malls, Lancaster Avenue Arcade comes first in the mind. This marvelous design was abolished long back but one can see the tunnels and cellars running underground. In the mid-70s, this place was sadly demolished and converted into a new football stadium. There were few popular shops situated inside the mall like; B.&M. Baker Raincoat, Jim Murray Trousers & Bullion Dealers etc.

Deansgate Arcade was another spectacular design which was sadly demolished in mid-50s. if you look at the old photos of this arcade, it seems long and narrow and was spread in three floors. The urbanization has taken some of the valuable history assets from Manchester. There are lot of other marvelous and spectacular architecture designs that has been demolished over the period. Many buildings were demolished to make way of road improvements. Looking at back into the history, you will find some real art but then again, every development comes with some cost attached to it and Manchester paid the cost in terms of losing some valuable history designs.

At this point in time it may look disturbing and empty streets are waiting to see the shopping crowd back in Manchester but trust once the lock down is over and life gets back into the track, we are sure Manchester will once again light up with same energy and enthusiasm.