Fantasy Role Play Help And Escapism

04 Sep , 2019

Dressing up and taking on a different persona has been a a form of escapism for a long time. Some even liken it to dressing up to perform stage plays. For example performing Shakespeare in the Elizabethan era. Hen and stag parties are another example of dressing up to take on a different persona. Prime examples of that can be seen on a weekend in Blackpool or even on a flight to Benidorm. Even a fancy dress party is a mild form of role play and escapism. An interesting idea in swinger circles, rather than putting care keys into a hat is you go into the appropriate dressing room and pick an outfit at random, or are allocated one. So Robin Hood pairs of with maid Marian, the tart and the vicar and so on. Attending such events piques some couples curiosity and they extend this to the bedroom. An established couple may not necessarily dress up to spice up their private lives. Various scenarios could be acted out such as the man being the milkman, postman or a tradesman calling and getting much more than he expected, with his partner playing the bored neglected housewife. This type of escapism is popular on the escort scene as well.

Escaping from the modern lifestyle

Sometimes just seeing an escort is enough of a release and an excursion into a different world. Perhaps your fantasy is just seeing a black woman, an Asian or maybe with oriental ethnicity. Maybe the fantasy can be seeing a Swedish blonde. However, an increasing amount of clients are looking to move to the next step and have clothing or outfit requests for the escort they are seeing.  Many escorts specialise in being role play escorts as well as being a girl friend experience. You get the normal old favourites such as school girl and secretary. Apart from anything else for most girls starting to offer this service those two outfits need very little if any financial  outlay and starts them off. Another popular choices is French maid. These three often represent more submissive roles for the woman. Nurse and air stewardess are other popular ones as are police woman and dominatrix where the woman is more likely to be in control.

More kinky forms of role play

Many a guy has had the fantasy of being with a playboy bunny and there are many glamour model style escorts offer this service and will dress up accordingly. Perhaps you dream about being entertained by a lap dancer or stripper. The kinkier forms of role play venture into the world of BDSM or fetishism. These areas really are specialities and to do it properly you do need an escort who specialises in this world, maybe a submissive or dominatrix. Of course it is also fun playing it to a mild or soft level. Two novices experimenting to see what they think. As modern life becomes more stressful the need to escape into a fantasy world to keep your sanity seems more and more the thing to do or at least try out.

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