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01 Mar , 2019

3 UK Fetishes

When it comes to the bedroom there are many different things people like to do and experiment with. Everybody has there own ‘turn-ons’, preferences, fetishes and idiosyncracies that make them unique and differ from each other. What one person may find as the most arousing thing in the world another person may find completely disgusting and view it as a turnoff. Some people have fetishes and ideas they want to try that seem completely strange to other people.

As an escort, it’s quite important to know the different fetishes and preferences that exist as you’re going to come across many different clients, some of who may even have these fantasies. Baring in mind as an escort you don’t have to provide a service or participate in any fantasy you don’t want to but if you do, it can be a great way to provide a niche service many of your companionship co-workers aren’t offering and in an industry as competitive as this finding creative and unique ways to elevate yourself above the competition will always prove to be a lucrative venture.

If you provide a more unique service you can charge extra for this and expand your clientele by meeting a niche demand and even end up with a lot more regular clients which again, can prove to be very lucrative. For example, some people may have a fetish to be dominated and are looking for the perfect dominatrix for them, which could be you. With fetishes since they are more peculiar, clients tend to repeat book the escort who has managed to help them experience their fantasy to its maximum pleasure potential.

So, we figured today we could talk about a few of the UK’s top fetishes to help you decide if any of these are a service you would like to provide. It’s good to be aware of the popular fetishes out there as it gives you a relatively unique look inside the minds of your clients.

So in no order let’s start with number one which is:

Fantasy For Feet

In the UK one of the most popular fetishes is feet. Foot fetishes are widely popular with preference varying from person to person with some people preferring small feet and other people preferring larger feet. Some men are turned on by the naked foot and the curves of the foot and others are turned on by seeing women’s feet in expensive high heels and looking glammed up.

whatever the turn on, the fetish for feet is something you could use to keep your clients on their toes. This is a service you could charge more for as some men have a more intense foot fetish than others and can even attain orgasm purely of the sensation of feet and this is something you could use to charge more and please people looking for this with your feet. If it’s a fantasy you’re perfectly happy to encourage and willing to be a part of, then it’s a great way to gain some repeat clientele.

Dare Don a Dress

Societies attitudes to gender-roles in shifting on a daily basis and becoming ever more open to the idea of gender breakdown when it comes to clothing and things like colour preferences. With shows like Ru-Pauls Drag Race dominating the airwaves and proving not only the popularity of cross-dressing but also how serious it is to many people. Cross-dressing used to be viewed in society as an incredibly taboo and degenerate act with many people viewing those who want to cross-dress as weird, gay and mentally ill. Today thankfully, the attitudes have changed for the positive and cross-dressing today is not only encouraged but is quite a large community of people either supporting or actively taking part in the phenomenon.

If you have no issues encouraging this fetish and participating in it, helping your clients cross-dress then you could provide a very niche market where you could charge extra. Despite societies attitude towards cross-dressing becoming more positive, many people may still be shy or protective over the fact they cross-dress and maybe don’t want anyone else to know. This is where you can offer a safe space where clients can cross-dress during the booking if that’s what they want to do.

Love in Leather

Leather, rubber or latex, popular materials when it comes to fetishes as many people have a leather fetish. For some people, it’s the material that turns them on and for others, they are more turned on by the look the material creates. Leather is very tight and often used or attributed with more BDSM practices and domination which is part of the appeal to wearing leather.

Representing a sort of bondage type style of clothing leather is a fetish many men have and one you could definitely charge more for indulging in. Many adult cat costumes which are often purchased for the bedroom or nights to party away are often either leather, rubber or latex and this is another fetish along with leather you could charge more for as people love to see their favourite escorts in different uniforms and costumes such as cats.

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