Do's And Don'ts For Escorts And Their Clients

03 Jun , 2019

The escorting scene is a place where there are generally no hard and fast rules, but a lot of common sense procedures that can be taken by both clients and escorts. The escort industry is governed by discretion, common sense and trust.  Escorting is an adult branch of the entertainment industry and with all recreational activities from having a night out in town to dangerous sports sensible precautions need to be taken. The client should not encroach on the private life of his escort or to a more intrusive degree hassle or stalk her. Seeing an escort should be light hearted no strings attached fun with no emotional ties or hang ups

Things a client should bear in mind when seeing an escort in Manchester

Although if it is his first time a client may be nervous and apprehensive, but should always be bright and cheerful, after all he is embarking on this adventure to enjoy himself and maybe take the edge of a stressful working or family life. Although there is no need to go overboard a client should make sure that he is well groomed, clean and tidy. Try not to be late if it is an outcall as your escort may be having a busy day and on a tight schedule. Bear in mind if you are late the session may not run its full length of time as she may have to finish the appointment at the time it is supposed to finish¬† due to having a prior engagement or seeing her next client.¬† If you hit traffic problems or get lost then you should try and contact either the lady direct or the agency if they are acting as an intermediary. Be polite and respectful when meeting the escort, you maybe even have a small gift for her, which is more likely if you are a regular. If you are a new client or a regular you ought to have the exact fee ready to hand over at the beginning and this avoids any awkward moments. It also ensures that the fun can commence straight away without time being wasted. It maybe a business arrangement, but first and foremost you are seeing the lady of your dreams to have a pleasurable time and enjoy yourself. Don’t spoil a good time by asking personal intrusive questions. It is none of your business why she is escorting, whether her family knows etcetera. ¬†just relax lie back and enjoy.

Precautionary do’s and don’ts for a ¬†Manchester escort

Although he should not ask; avoid any attempt by the punter to extract either your real name or address. Most clients respect your privacy and expect discretion from you, but there is always the odd exception to the rule. You should not need to ask, put ensure you get payment prior to any service and it is wise to take the money to one side and use a pen checker if possible. If cash is passed over in an envelope it is always worth counting it even if you can’t pen check it. If it’s a new client it is worth checking that her understands the services offered.¬† If on an outcall try and verify the address first and arrange your own transport. Manchester agency escorts should be alright with this as they probably have a driver, which takes care of both issues. As far as the do’s and don’ts go¬† a lot of it is common courtesy or common sense precautions to ensure everyone has fun safely.

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