Do escorts prefer young studs or the experienced older man?

25 Apr , 2023

If the majority of guys prefer a young escort, which age group do escorts themselves like to meet amongst their escort clients? We all know that these sexy escorts are happy to meet all their clients, but deep down they must have favourites – after all they are still human! With clients booking Bradford escorts and Bolton escorts, just to take two examples from these top escorts at this Elite Manchester escorts agency, we asked a few sensitive questions of these agency escorts, in the strictest confidence of course!

Who’s voting for the younger man?

With young studs in the 18 to late 20s age group, you would imagine that these experienced escorts in Bradford and Bolton would go for their fit bodies and handsome looks. Of course, guys like these are pretty tasty and few girls would say no thanks! But guys in this age group are most often the ones to cancel at the last minute, or if they have booked an incalls escorts date, then perhaps not to turn up! It could be nerves that have set in, they are simply not used to meeting an escort, or perhaps that last minute hesitation to pay for pleasure!

If they don’t show, then they will have to wait longer to find out what they are missing! Of course, some very young and curious lads have been known to try and book, but the wise agency escorts in Bradford and Bolton ask for ID if he looks as if he could be under 18!! Naughty boys! Who can blame them for trying though!!? Of course these high class escorts love the times that they spend with the younger age group, their peers in fact, but these guys don’t always make it to the first place position.

Let’s hear it for the older man!

Whilst the younger guys may be strong, virile, and physically attractive young men with stamina – you’ve guessed it – they are still not up to the middle aged guys who have learned what it takes to please their woman. In these escort popularity stakes the older men win hands down with their finesse!! Yes, they have the knowledge that young escorts love, with the tricks and treats that make her encounter all the more pleasurable from her side. That in turn makes it better for him when they are both firing on all cylinders!!! It’s a genuine win/win situation.

We all tend to want the opposites in life, and like it says – opposites attract! The relationship between these elite escorts in Bolton and their Bradford escort colleagues towards their clients is truly fascinating and very revealing. When there is genuine chemistry between the two, age is the last thing that matters when the older guy is more likely to have pleased his escort and she him, because their experience matches each other. This age group often become repeat clients and the escort Bolton or Bradford based, will anticipate his regular visits with real enthusiasm.