Do escorts fall in love?

03 May , 2023

What we mean is of course, with their clients. Because we know that even our elite escorts come and go, they leave escorting because they have met someone outside of the escorting sphere and given it up for the man they believe is “Mr Right”. Sometimes they come back a while later because things didn’t work out as planned. But do they fall for a client? Whilst there is an unwritten rule (it’s more for everyone’s benefit than anything else), that escorts and clients should both only see each other in the escort/client sense and not stray outside of these boundaries. But we all know what happens, someone feels a little more than in the strictly professional sense and takes things beyond the usual boundaries. It could be logical to ask whether the GFE escorts by the very nature of the service they share, are more susceptible to these romantic inclinations? In fact, are the overnight escorts because of the length of time they spend together at greater risk of hitting those connections that a quickie escort date doesn’t offer? Maybe.

Undying affection!

Our wonderful escorts often hear in the heat of the moment, a client say – I love you! – or to read her reviews and see that someone has written that they would like to keep her as their own, or even marry her. Of course he feels that way. He is with a woman who not only looks divine, but as part of her GFE escort experience shows him just how good things can be between two consenting adults whether they have been together for a couple of hours or he has booked her as an overnight escort.

A liaison where he is her centre of every sensual attention, his wish is her command. A declaration of love is something that a gorgeous and willing GFE escort companion hears often.  She is happy to hear it because she has given him the absolute in pleasure and satisfaction and that is why he wanted her in the first place. She doesn’t take it seriously and her professional status comes into play when he asks for her private mobile number, or asks what she is doing next week because they could meet up next Tuesday. But it’s not just a one way experience, it happens sometimes that she wants to say those magical words back and an agency escort will realise that she has deeper feelings for the man that she meets as a client.

Possible but rare!

So, escorts have and do fall in love with a client occasionally. It is the exception, not the rule. There is a difference between affection for a regular client, a guy who has met his favourite GFE escort not for weeks or months but over several years, and love. When dopamine is released by the brain everything takes on a different appearance in those euphoric moments of happiness. 99.99% of clients and escorts carry on enjoying this parallel word and the word “love” is bandied about and no one takes it too seriously!! No harm done.