Club And Live Music Venue With A History

19 Jul , 2019

The history of this building being some type of club or entertainment venue stretching back to pre-war as the place has a colourful past. The building dates back to when it was the flagship pub of a local brewery, no doubt quenching the thirst of local mill and textile workers.¬† With Smith field market just round the corner the George and Dragon, as it was called, was also a market tavern, probably having a few musical acts performing from time to time.¬† It is thought that the venue picked up the Nickname band on the wall in the 1930’s when the landlord at the time placed a stage against the back wall where regular band would play. During the war the venue was popular with British, Canadian and American service personnel¬† with the band often playing on during air raids.

The creation of the Band on the wall.

The George and Dragon was bought and converted into the Band On The Wall with the concept of it being a Jazz club in the early seventies, by the end of the decade there was the emergence of Punk and this new sound was frequently featured at the club and played host to bands such as the Buzz cocks and the Fall it then got a wider appeal with artists like Robert Cray the American blues guitarist launching himself this side of the pond as well as acts such as Joy Division.

The Band on the wall as we know it now

It was taken over by Inner City Music Limited, a registered charity and with various grants developed it into a music venue and club fit for the twenty first century and has since had various nominations and awards. It is now an open space which boasts various events and is a great place to hang out meet friends and party. It still hosts live bands and has top DJ’s operating its decks. The new Picture house is adjacent to it so it now doubles as a theatre bar for people to meet up before or after a showing.

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