Buxton International Festival

13 Jul , 2023

To maintain the balance in life we have to give time to ourselves for the things that enrich the soul, and the Buxton International Festival is one such an opportunity that enables us to do that.

The 2023 Buxton Festival offers a range of cultural delights

In 2023 the festival is running from Thu, 6 Jul 2023 – Sun, 23 Jul 2023and offers world-class opera, other musical genres from string quartets to jazz, and book talks and discussions on a variety of topics. Since its inception in 1979, The Buxton Festival has run every year excepting for the inevitable break in 2020 due to Covid.Originally known for promoting opera, especially the least performed and well-known pieces, it has extended its scope. In recent years it has widened its repertoire and its appeal by including literary events and many writers, politicians and others, have been contributors. The Buxton International Festival is still evolving. Last year jazz was introduced to the Buxton audience for the first time and has further developed this year with the Late Night Jazz Cafe in the Pavilion Gardens hosting big bands, late night concerts, a dance evening and gospel music extending its appeal to even more fans. Manchester escorts and fans alike will enjoy performances by jazz artists like the Julie Edwards and Kevin Dearden Quintet, Steve Williams, and the Most Wanted Band, and the Graham Clark Quartet.

The festival’s appeal and accessibility

Running over 18 days during July, events are available to all, with some performances being completely free and many tickets under £20. As 2023 is the 75th anniversary of the Windrush,Dame J Shirley Thompson’s opera ‘Women of Windrush’ is performed in commemoration by lyric soprano, NadineBenjamin. This not only celebrates the Windrush generation, their hopes and aspirations in coming to this country and their subsequent contribution to British society, but sadly, also the Windrush scandal. This one woman opera portrays it all from the female point of view.

The literary aspect of the festival

This July, a range of speakers will engage with their audiences on matters of the day, including the challenge of climate change, ballet, the Covid vaccination race, and what it means to be black in Britian in the 21st century. Not only is the content wide, but the speakers themselves come from across the spectrum of society, including politicians,authors and international correspondents.

Join a Buxton Festival Walk

Whilst you may be coming to the Buxton Festival primarily for the music, it can be an excellent diversion to take one of the guided walks around Buxton itself and appreciate the town and the surrounding countryside.

Classical music and opera are the festival’s forte

The majority of those who attend,see the start of the Buxton International Festival as a red letter day in their calendar. A time to appreciate and enjoy a season of classical music and opera. With highlights including three new opera productions, Bellini’s La sonnambula, Mozart’s Il re pastore, and Handel’s Orlando, and Louise Thompson playing the harp, or the Kaleidoscope Chamber Collective on offer, it is clear to see why. After all, opera and classical music are its core elements.