6 Dating Tips Women Can Learn from Female Escorts

22 Dec , 2022

Apart from all the other things that people say about the sensational escorts from this Manchester escorts agency, they repeatedly say that the regular women that they date, or their regular partner, are not like them. If they were, they wouldn’t be dating an escort in the first place! So, what is it that sets these Manchester escorts apart? What makes one of the Wigan escorts so much better than the real-time girlfriend Wigan guys have, or the Chester escorts that give such pleasures to the Cheshire guys? We all know that this is two-way traffic, but you men do like to be pleased and when your regular partner begins to lose that spark, then so do you. Who is surprised! Who do you turn to for fresh inspiration and why? What could your regular partner learn from an escort if she was open minded enough to listen in the first place and then take it on board? Why?  Because these are professional pleasure-givers and you know that what they do works!

What interests men and turns them on – a few thoughts on what our escorts say. From their point of view and professional experience.

  1. Firstly, it’s not all about looks, but they do play an important part in attraction. So while we are putting it at the top of the list it’s not the only factor,but it has to be taken into account. Your guy was first attracted to you because you caught his eye. You looked good and he loved your body, but he hasn’t even spoken to you yet! I can hear all the ladies reading this say, he ain’t looking that good either these days! This means that whilst we can’t all look Instagram ready 24/7, don’t let it slip girls. Believe us, you start looking that good again and that boy is going to be worried. He is going to wonder have you got someone else, he will be aware of the looks you get from other men and he will pull his socks up too. You will feel sexier too!
  2. Apart from looks, it’s about interaction. When you spend the evening together, even in front of the TV, don’t just fall asleep! Talk, cuddle, watch an adult movie, make love on the sofa – whatever. Our elite escorts in Manchester say that many of their clients enjoy getting up close and personal of course,but they also love having a chat, sharing a moment, both are important to their clients. Maybe at home no one is listening anymore!
  3. And then there are the escort services so willingly shared by our escorts in Chester, Wigan, Manchester and everywhere. What went wrong?? There was a time when you couldn’t get enough of each other. Where is the enthusiasm now? Does he feel rejected? Are both of you bored? They say that you never miss what you had until it’s gone and if the two of you don’t get it together, put the pizzazz back in your love life, then it’s a dismal future. No wonder the agency escorts at this premium escorts’ agency are busy. Men need a sexual relationship!
  4. You may see yourself as a liberated woman, free thinking, modern, but deep down are you a bit of a prude? From what these sensually driven escorts hear, there is a missionary out there looking for his lost woman. Because shake yourselves ladies, there is so much fun to be had together and SO MANY ways to enjoy it! Spice it up, think sexy and become sexy, he will love the surprise! You will love what you discover with him – just don’t ask where he learnt it!
  5. Pamper him and he will pamper you. Think about the 69, it works both ways! Because show him the desire and he will be all over you, you just need to make the initial investment. Allow him to pamper you with those deep kisses you used to share and the double oral that you both enjoyed so much.
  6. When you do get it together, make sure you are really there. Don’t be writing a mental shopping list for the supermarket at the same time! Be responsive, engage, enjoy! Because that is what he will get from her if he books an escort!