5 best hotels in Manchester to stay with an escort

16 Jun , 2024

Well! You might just think that this is an easy question to answer! But as many clients have found out from their own experiences it’s not necessarily as simple as that. First of all, let’s look at some generalities. The small “family hotel” is one to miss, but you probably worked that out anyway, where the management is right in your face, it is too personal an environment from the word go. So somewhere larger, preferably with several entrances, a hotel bar and a public area where it is not only hotel guests that are passing through…… now you are on the right track. Add to that a selective blindness on the part of the concierge and you are free to go. So, let’s look at the options and how to approach your escort booking needs.

Should you face the dilemma head-on?

If you think that the right approach could be to ask the hotel staff if it is OK to bring guests to your room, not necessarily putting the receptionist by way of too many details, then this can be a good plan. You can imply that it is a work colleague, suggest a meeting in the bar, or point out that you may need to go back to your room at some point so that confidential documents can be discussed. That generally works in most places. Or of course, you can take the bull by the horns and ask if is it OK to invite an escort over! Sometimes hotels will even suggest arranging it on your behalf. But it can come down to who, which individual, is on the desk at the time, so maybe the circumspect approach is best.

Make it a double room booking

Often the most acceptable way is to be upfront and book a room for two and tell reception that “your partner” is arriving later. Rather than raise eyebrows when she arrives make sure that you are dealing with a high-class escort agency and that the girl who is joining you is well-presented and stylish, this is a must if you are staying in a 5-star hotel. The impression is all-important, that way no questions are needed.  Reception may send her straight up or call your room to say your expected guest has arrived. If you tell your room number to your escort, she will be able in most cases to come straight up and knock on your door.

No Love Hotels so maybe an Airbnb?

Manchester is not quite up to speed with the Love Hotels found in some international cities such as Tokyo. So, until this phenomenon hits the city centre you need to know which are the most accommodating hotels around. Could be that your hands are tied because your company makes the bookings for you and they are not flexible enough to add your suggestions to their approved list. But they may consider a serviced apartment. From their point of view, it may be cheaper and from yours, you have greater privacy without anyone bothering you. Something like an Airbnb apartment or booking.com is great for this kind of stay. If you are arriving in the city without a pre-booking, then taxi drivers in the city centre generally know which hotels are escort-friendly.

The facts as they stand

Hotels of course fall into different categories, apart from the factors that we are discussing here! So, are you looking for a practical, no-frills kind of place (these can be very discreet as they are reasonably impersonal), or are you demanding luxury and a 5* treatment?

If a little decadence appeals

The Hotel Gotham has to be your first choice! This boutique hotel oozes a decadent feel that will put you right in the mood for an elite escort of course! Here on King Street, you will be right in the middle of the city centre if you want to wine and dine your escort nearby, or if you have worked up an appetite but are low on energy after a sexy session, then dine on-site in the hotel’s restaurant. This award-winning venue – named the Honey Restaurant – will keep you in the mood, whilst the flirtatious looks from your partner will soon have you gagging for more and she will be ready to go back to your room to continue with her own 5* menu.

Gotham hotel

Salford’s iconic Lowry Hotel for unashamed luxury

The Lowry Hotel sits on the banks of the River Irwell which divides Manchester and Salford, and is hailed as Manchester’s most fashionable hotel. Award-winning, this hotel offers a selection of luxurious suites and rooms where you can entertain one of these agency escorts. She will be giving you the gift of pleasure and satisfaction and you will be showing her how much you value her company by giving her the gift of luxury surroundings. Make it an extended booking so that you can visit the pool together with her or show off your sexy lady in the cocktail bar. Or lock the door and call for room service!

Lowry hotel

It’s no ordinary hotel!

So says the King Street Townhouse and they are so right. In these opulent surroundings, you will want the kind of escort companion that fits the part. In one of the one-bedroomed suites, you can indulge yourself and celebrate the excesses that one of these sensual escorts brings to the date. In one of the Luxe Junior Suites with a massive mirror at the end of the bed, you can admire your choice of company from so many different angles. If she is a favourite escort and you are making it a very special stay altogether, then ask for “Make your stay extra special” treats, with rose petals on the bed and champagne on ice of course!

King Street Townhouse Hotel

Just the word Velvet feels luxuriant

This is an intimate setting right in the heart of Manchester! The Velvet Hotel does what it says on the tin. It’s lush! It gives plush beds, stylish decor, and state-of-the-art fittings. You have the choice of a standard room or go full out and book a lavish suite, this is luxury as you desire it. Its ethos is for complete privacy for its guests, discretion is its byword so you can feel genuinely relaxed and enjoy the close companionship of the beautiful woman you are seeing.  If you prefer your personal life to stay strictly personal, then this is the ideal place to stay. Anonymity for both of you.

The Velvet Hotel

A touch more budget-conscious?

Maybe you need somewhere gentle on the wallet, or the hotel you are staying in is seriously not escort-guest friendly and you are booking this for your escort date entirely. You will have to pay for a full night but can use it at your convenience. With Premier Inns and Holiday Inns, Ibis or Travel Lodge, or the centrally located Britannia Hotel, Manchester has a multitude of affordable and budget hotels to choose from. Some budget hotels have a minimum level of reception staff and you may even find that the reception area is unmanned at night. You are free to come and go using your key PIN, or electronic keycard. Naturally, this makes it extremely escort-accessible!

Just a few general thoughts ……

Looking at the whole hotel and escort concept, what can your hotel say if you book a room for two? If she looks like she is with you and you say that she is your partner – who are they to judge?

Not sure about your hotel and don’t want to be caught out? Hotels with different sets of lifts and staircases make her arrival and exit much easier and some escorts are well acquainted with hotel layouts!   Sometimes it could be that you are just too sensitive to the whole scenario, you are falling for the hotel’s mind games. Because in the majority of cases, hotel staff have no interest in what you are getting up to or who you choose to bring along. Act as you own it!!!