Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Manchester

05 Jul , 2023

Naturally, it depends whose asking! Because if the music’s not right, or the whole place is full of party goers 20 or 30 years younger than you, you might be able to pull it off, but if not, you could be in the wrong nightclub! Fortunately Manchester has so many fantastic clubs that a little research will find the perfect place for you. We can help there!

Revolucion de Cuba is something not to be missed whichever age you are! Just go with the vibe and you will believe you are right there in Havana! The Latin theme is there with the music, the cocktails, and the food. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on aCuban Tea Party which comes served in a teapot, perfect for sharing with the girl you are with tonight.

If mainstream in any way is not your thing, then you will be out to find one of the quirky clubs Manchester has in plenty. Right now,BLVD is the place to be seen, and it is so adaptable, go in the afternoon and you can enjoy tasty snacks from the restaurant and cocktail lounge, but at night!!!! Be prepared for anything from fire eaters or other audacious acts!!!

Want even more so of an experience? Choose Cirque le Soir, think of the best DJs with a circus theme! If you want to impress your lovely partner with your knowledge of Manchester nightlife at its best, then she cannot fail to be impressed here!

The girl you are with may be young and beautiful, but you are feeling a little out of the scene and would like somewhere more conducive to your age and experience, then it has to be The Birdcage! With a Las Vegas style cabaret, you will find something to love as it brands itself as the “Ultimate Party Experience” with a mixture of nightclub and cabaret acts.

If the lady wants to dance, and why would you not want to watch her weaving her body to the music, then Hidden at Downtex Mill will have the music that gets her hips going, and your mind racing!

Maybe you are with a lady that likes the blues – or maybe some reggae. If so then the Liar’s Club will be the perfect venue, and with over 100 rums to choose from the two of you can share some amazing cocktails!!!

When you are on an overnight date, then you have plenty of time to enjoy her company and spending at least some of it along Deansgate at History Manchester has got to be done! Grab a booth so that you can listen to the music or hit the dance floor. Meantime at K2 Karaoke, you could be making it a sexy duet singing along to Love Shack, that classic of B-52’s and perfect for the way you are feeling. Or lay it on the line with You’re the One That I Want!

They say that The Venue is perfect for any type of group with different music genres, it is the place that is one of the most chilled out, so you can start to relax together. Sticking with the range of music available, one of Manchester’s long time favourites has to be Factory Manchester with anything from drum and bass to indie.


With a desirable partner at your side and Manchester’s nightlife open to you, there is no reason that this is not going to be a memorable night!!!